Vision Integrated power management for novel power delivery

Advantages of Takamiya Lab. include;

  1. (1)Reduction in size and weight of the power delivery using our technical strengths of the design of integrated circuits,
  2. (2)Covering the wide power range from nW for IoT nodes to kW for power electronics,
  3. (3)Providing new solutions by an interdisciplinary approach.

Our research topics on the integrated power management include the followings.

  • Energy harvesting, wireless powering, DC-DC converters, and battery management for IoT nodes.
  • Programmable gate driver IC for power transistors (IGBTs).
  • Energy harvesting and wireless powering in ultra-thin flexible electronics for wearable applications.
  • Integrated voltage regulators for energy efficient microprocessors.
高宮 真
Makoto Takamiya


ACHIEVEMENT 01 Energy Harvesting from Insulating Cover of Power Cords

Providing Reliable Energy Harvesting

To reduce the cost of the battery replacement of wireless sensor nodes for the building energy management system, an electric-field energy harvesting from insulating cover of power cords is proposed. Different from the conventional energy harvesting with large fluctuations, the proposed method is a reliable energy harvesting. A battery-less wireless sensor node measuring both the temperature and illuminance and wirelessly transmitting the data every 4 minute is demonstrated.



ACHIEVEMENT 02 Programmable Gate Driver IC for IGBT

Inter-disciplinary Collaboration between Power Electronics and LSI

A programmable gate driver IC for IGBT to dynamically change the gate driving current during the switching of IGBT is developed. In the proposed gate driver, the 6-bit gate control signals with four 160-ns time steps are globally optimized using a simulated annealing algorithm, reducing the collector current overshoot by 37% and the switching loss by 47% at the double pulse test of 300V, 50A IGBT.



ACHIEVEMENT 03 Energy Harvesting and Wireless Powering for Ultra-Thin Flexible Electronics

Providing Power Delivery to Ultra-Thin Devices

Power delivery to ultra-thin flexible devices with the thickness of 1um to 10um for wearable applications was a challenge, because wired connections and rigid battery are not allowed. To solve the problem, novel wearable flexible devices with the energy harvesting and the wireless powering using organic circuits are proposed and demonstrated.